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Finning CAT: Lead Generation Mailer

Finning CAT required a direct mail piece to help them generate leads for their Materials Handling Division. Designed to look like a spare parts box for their forklift trucks, this mailer was sent to specific businesses which resulted in a full years targets being reached in half the time. The mailer comprised of a faxback form, a relevant case study and a postcard with an incentive to get a free pair of CAT boots for every order made. The actual box itself also revealed savings and offers on products. Designed at Starfish.

Concept // Art Direction // Graphic Design

Finning CAT mailer box design
Finning CAT mailer box design with contentsFinning CAT mailer opened showing detail of offer
Finning CAT mailer opened showing all the contents
Finning CAT case history sheet
Finning CAT box urgent sticker detail
Finning CAT fax back form
photo of forklift truck driverFree CAT boots postcard data collection
Finning CAT mailer box design detail messaging
Finning CAT mailer box design detail benefits
Finning CAT mailer box detail free boots

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