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marketing Birmingham: Tory party conference

Branding and advertising for the Conservative Party Conference, Birmingham UK, October 2008. The brief was to promote the city as an engaging and vibrant conference venue with plenty to do. Using the famous Bull sculpture as a focal point, retail, dining, arts and entertainment were highlighted as just a few of the many activities available. The aim was to cement Birmingham’s position as a world-class visitor experience. The campaign ran across 96, 48 sheet and 6 sheet posters, digital screens, information panels, exhibition stands and conference literature. Designed at KLM.


Conservative Party Conference 48 sheet poster design
shopping 48 sheet poster design parks bus poster design
Conservative Party Conference brochure illustration
Conservative Party Conference street sign
Conservative Party Conference food 48 sheet
brochure front cover brochure back cover
bull hero illustration
arts bus poster info point graphics

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