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Punch records: bass festival

The BASS Festival is a month-long festival celebrating the best of the streets. An innovative design was required for the festival exploring the four elements of Hip Hop; B-Boying, DJing, MCing and Graffiti. Using the BASS acronym and giving each letter from it an element. The letter ‘B’ is designed to look like a speaker to represent the music the BBoys/Girls perform their moves to. ‘A’ is a record deck/turntable to represent the DJing element of Hip Hop. ‘S’ has a brick wall texture with tags on it for the Graffiti element. The final ‘S’ has a microphone and lead coming out it with a texture the same as a microphone shield to show the MCing element of Hip Hop. A custom font for the BASS lettering was also designed to give it a slightly abstract and unique feel.

advertising // GRAPHIC DESIGN // illustration

bass festival 48 sheet poster
bass festival billboardbass festival 3d detail
bass festival 3d render
top rock man
DJ decks
basss flyer illustration
bass festival flyer
locking man tagger man
bass festival birmingham library

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