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Porta Mokha Branding and Packaging

Porta Mokha is a UK based food importing business. I was commissioned to create their brand identity and food packaging. The initial brief was to create an identity for a premium food brand, Porta Mokha. The logo had to evoke a feeling of quality and luxury about the various food products that Porta Mokha were selling. In addition, we incorporated elements of Arabic script into the design as a subtle nod to where the products were being sourced from. Packaging designs were also developed for their range of Dates products. Working with a local artist who is an expert in Islamic geometric art, we constructed a series of exotic patterns, that combined with gold foiling maintained the high-end, premium feel of the brand.

Branding // Graphic Design // Packaging // Print

porta mokha gold foil logo
porta mokha mabroom dates packagingislamic geometry pattern
porta mokha sukkari dates packaging
open lid showing dates in packaging
porta mokha product range
ambari dates packaging ajwa dates packaging
porta mokha dates packaging range

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