Porta Mokha logo gold foiled

Client: Porta Mokha Project: Branding and Food Packaging

Porta Mokha is a UK based food importing business. We were commissioned to create their brand identity and food packaging.

The initial brief was to create an identity for a premium food brand, Porta Mokha. The logo had to evoke a feeling of quality and luxury about the various food products that Porta Mokha were selling. In addition, we incorporated elements of Arabic script into the design as a subtle nod to where the products were being sourced from.

Packaging designs were also developed for their range of Dates products. Working with a local artist who is an expert in Islamic geometric art, we constructed a series of exotic patterns, that combined with gold foiling maintained the high-end, premium feel of the brand.

Porta Mokha logo with Islamic geometric pattern gold foiled

- Porta Mokha - 'Discover The Authentic Taste' logo.

Constructing Islamic geometric pattern for packaging

- Construction lines for Islamic geometric pattern for packaging.

Islamic geometric pattern gold foiled

- Gold foiled Islamic geometric pattern for dates packaging.

Porta Mokha range of dates products

- Porta Mokha, complete range of dates food packaging.

Porta Mokha Ambari Dates packaging

- Porta Mokha, 'Ambari' dates 500g box packaging.

Porta Mokha Ajwa Dates packaging

- Porta Mokha, 'Ambari' dates 500g box packaging.

Porta Mokha Sukkari Royale Dates packaging

- Porta Mokha, 'Sukkari Royale' pre-packed dates labelling.

Porta Mokha Sukkari Dates packaging

- Porta Mokha, 'Sukkari' dates 500g box packaging.

Porta Mokha Exquisite Dates packaging

- Porta Mokha, 'Exquisite Dates Collection' 500g box packaging.

Porta Mokha Syrup Dates packaging

- Porta Mokha, 'Dates Syrup' labelling.

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