Client: Tools For Leading Change Ltd Project: Orchestrate Growth Handbook

'Orchestrate' deals with the concept that business is too complex for senior leaders to carry the load by themselves. The book explains how senior leaders within large organisations can empower their colleagues to 'lead without title'. Nurture a culture where leaders without title step up through coaching and feedback.

The brief required the handbook to have the feel of a personalised notebook. Bursting with illustration, it would have an organic and hand rendered feel, with drawings, doodles and hand written notes complimenting the printed text, with the main theme being personal growth.

Accompanying the book were a set of '30 Day Challenge' cards to be used in conjunction with the book helping to promote the behaviours, rituals and practices needed to 'lead without title'.

photo of Orchestrate Growth Handbook and Cards

- 'Orchestrate Growth' Handbook and Cards.

stack of 'Orchestrate Growth' Handbooks

- 'Orchestrate Growth' perfect bound handbook. Cover printed on 270gsm Colorplan Leather with gloss black foil.

photo of handbook page spread with illustration

- 'Orchestrate Growth' handbook, inner pages printed on 135gsm uncoated.

close up detail of illustration

- 'Orchestrate Growth' handbook, inner page ilustration detail.

photo of cultivate handbook page spread with illustration

- Sample page spread.

detail of illustration in book

detail of illustration and book spine

close up detail of cover illustration

- Cover illustration detail.

photo of box of cards

- Box packaging for '30 Day Challenge' cards.

close up of box packaging with black foil gloss

- Detail of gloss black foil on box packaging.

box of cards opened showing contents

'30 Day Challenge' cards spread out

close up detail of illustration

- 'Orchestrate Growth' handbook, ilustration detail.

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