mini journal with cards

Client: Tools For Leading Change Ltd Project: Talent Illuminator - Mini Journal

Designed as a promotional tool, 'Talent Illuminator - Mini Journal' comprises a set of seven cards, each one exploring thought provoking ideas that can be used over seven months. The cards help senior managers to identify colleagues who have the potential to deliver more for their organisations and shows them tools with which to achieve this.

Commissioned by Tools For Leading Change Ltd, the Mini Journal was used to promote seven different coaching and training tools that the company uses with its clients. Rather than having a single brochure or booklet a handy A6 sized format was developed that allowed the reader to easliy dip in and out of the pack to focus on a particular product which appeals to their needs.

photo of upright mini journal with cards inside

- Talent Illuminator Mini Journal. A6 Slip case, printed four colour on 300gsm Trucard.

slip case with cards spread out

- Talent Illuminator Mini Journal. A6 Slip case with cards.

close up of Slip-case illustration detail.

- Slip-case illustration detail.

mini journal cards spread out

- Talent Illuminator Mini Journal cards. Printed four colour on 300gsm Trucard and folded to A6 size.

upright various mini journal cards

- Talent Illuminator Mini Journal cards. Folded to 4pp and 6pp.

Close up of card 3 illustration detail.

- Card 3 illustration detail.

more photos of the A6 cards

photo showing different card designs

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