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A logo on its own wont make a brand successful or famous but it can certainly help a business create a strong, consistent identity. From start ups that need to evoke integrity and reliability, to established companies whose branding has become stale, outdated or longer represents them, th3 Unknown can create a professionally designed logo that adds personality and character to your company, products or services.

Our logos are created in multiple formats for print, screen and outdoor use with options in colour and black & white so you'll always have the correct version to hand. Whatever stage your business is at we're happy to create an identity that suits your needs.

oak house orthotics logo

- Oak House Orthotics logo.

endurance fashion brand logo

- Endurance fashion brand logo.

Hasret Brown signature logo

- Hasret Brown signature logo.

Porta Mokha logo

- Porta Mokha logo.

john halll tyres logo

- John Halll Tyres logo.

touché logo

- Touché logo.

the undercroft flourish logo

- The Undercroft flourish logo.

truck east logo

- Truck East logo.

the undertakers logo

- The Undertakers logo.

like it is media logo

- Like It Is Media logo.

shrewsbury action against racism logo

- Shrewsbury Action Against Racism logo.

the unknown graphic design and branding logo

- The Unknown Graphic Design and Branding logo.

big brum charity catwalk logo

- Big Brum Charity Catwalk logo.

staffordshire county council logo

- Staffordshire County Council logo.

ads 4 logo

- Ads 4 logo.

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